Moodle for Students

1 Getting Familiar With the E-learning Site

Welcome to our new e-learning website running in Moodle 3.0.2+ version. There are several exciting features in Moodle 3.0 version. Details below will help you familiarize with our new e=learning site.

When you are logged in the navigation bar will be enabled, consists of the home, dashboard, events, and my course tabs.

Home tab– Our home page has several blocks where you can get different information.

Dashboard tab – This is equivalent to “My home” link in the previous versions of Moodle. When you click this tab you will be directed to the dashboard page, where you can see all your courses and the different blocks such as “My private files” Online Users, Latest Badges, Calendar, Upcoming events, and Navigation.

Events tab – When you click this tab, calendar will appear. You can export the schedule events of your course to your calendar.

My Course Tab – This tab displays the list of your courses, click this tab to display your enrolled courses, and then click on the course you want to open.